Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S)

Release 0.2

The second release of Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Software Technologies (ST) software, Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) Release 0.2, includes a subset of ECP ST software products, and demonstrates the target approach for future delivery of the full ECP ST software stack. Also available are a number of ECP ST software products that support a Spack package, but are not yet fully interoperable. As the primary purpose of the 0.2 release is demonstrating the ST software stack release approach, not all ECP ST software products were targeted for this release. Software products were targeted primarily based on existing Spack package maturity, location within the scientific software stack, and ECP SDK developer experience with the software. Each release will include additional software products, with the ultimate goal of including all ECP ST software products.

E4S 0.2 Release Notes.

E4S 0.2 Container Installation Instructions.

Container Releases

Docker Download

Singularity Download

CharlieCloud Download

OVA Download

The container releases contains binary versions of the Full Release packages listed above. A clone of Spack is also available in the container which can be used to compile the Full Release and Partial Release packages. Example Spack "recipes" (lists of configuration commands) are available in the container. See the README.txt file for more details. This release also includes an OVA file that has Docker, Charliecloud, Shifter, and Singularity preinstalled in it. The Docker container image is also available from Dockerhub:

# docker pull exascaleproject/sdk:AHM19

From source with Spack

Visit the Spack Project

Spack contains packages for all of the products listed in the E4S 0.2 Full Release category (see above 0.2 Release Notes). General instructions for building software with Spack can be found at the Spack website. The Full Release packages can be built via Spack concurrently. For more information, see /usr/local/packages/ecp in the container referenced here. Additionally, all of the packages in the Partial Release category above support a Spack package. Questions concerning building those packages are deferred to the associated package development team.