Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S)

version 22.02

Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Software Technologies (ST) software, Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) v22.02, includes a subset of ECP ST software products, and demonstrates the target approach for future delivery of the full ECP ST software stack. Also available are a number of ECP ST software products that support a Spack package, but are not yet fully interoperable. As the primary purpose of the v22.02 is demonstrating the ST software stack release approach, not all ECP ST software products were targeted for this release. Software products were targeted primarily based on existing Spack package maturity, location within the scientific software stack, and ECP SDK developer experience with the software. Each release will include additional software products, with the ultimate goal of including all ECP ST software products.

E4S v22.02 Release Notes PDF.

E4S v22.02 Spack Environment Notes.

E4S Manual Installation Instructions.

E4S Container Installation Instructions.

Using E4S Containers

The current E4S container offerings include Docker images based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic), and Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) for Continuous Integration. Our images can run on X86_64, PPC64LE, and AARCH64 depending on the particular image. Our full E4S Release images (not for Continuous Integration) are based on Ubuntu 18.04 (ppc64le) and Ubuntu 20.04 (x86_64). In addition to offering a full E4S image containing a comprehensive selection of E4S software released on a quarterly cycle, we also offer a set of minimal base images suitable for use in Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines where Spack is used to build packages.

Docker images are available on the E4S Docker Hub.

Recipes which can be used to build some of our images from scratch are available on the E4S GitHub repository.

Our recipes make use of Spack packages available as pre-built binaries in the E4S Build Cache.

From source with Spack

Visit the Spack Project

Spack contains packages for all of the products listed in the E4S 22.02 Full Release category (see above Release Notes). General instructions for building software with Spack can be found at the Spack website. For more information, see /usr/local/packages/ecp in the container referenced here. Questions concerning building those packages are deferred to the associated package development team.

Note on Container Images

Container images contain binary versions of the Full Release packages listed above. The full-featured GPU-enabled container image is available from Dockerhub:

# docker pull ecpe4s/e4s-gpu

E4S GPU Images

Multi-Arch Image (X86_64 and PPC64LE)

This is a full-featured multi-arch image.

It contains all relevant GPU stacks, the full set of E4S release packages installed w/ Spack, Python machine learning packages optimized for GPU, and TAU.



This image contains many E4S products compiled with LLVM-DOE@13 using Spack

Minimal Spack

X86_64 and PPC64LE

This image contains a minimal setup for using Spack 0.17.1, including Clingo concretizer and GNU compilers.

GPU Base Images

These images come with MPICH, CMake, and the relevant GPU SDK -- either ROCM, NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit and NVHPC, or Intel OneAPI -- available as LMOD modules

NVIDIA Multi-Arch (X86_64, PPC64LE, AARCH64)
ROCM X86_64
Intel OneAPI X86_64

Continuous Integration Images

These are barebones operating system images which contain only essential build tools and python packages needed by Spack.

These images are intended to be used in continuous integration workflows where Spack is first cloned and then used to build and test software.

  • ecpe4s/rhel7-runner-x86_64
  • ecpe4s/rhel8-runner-x86_64
  • ecpe4s/ubuntu18.04-runner-x86_64
  • ecpe4s/ubuntu20.04-runner-x86_64
  • ecpe4s/rhel7-runner-ppc64le
  • ecpe4s/rhel8-runner-ppc64le
  • ecpe4s/ubuntu18.04-runner-ppc64le
  • ecpe4s/ubuntu20.04-runner-ppc64le

Custom Images

  • ecpe4s/ubuntu1804_aarch64_waggle
  • ecpe4s/superlu_sc

E4S Facility Deployment

AWS EC2 Image

The E4S 22.02 release is also available on AWS as an EC2 AMI with ID ami-0b25a3c02556d434e. in the US-West-2 (Oregon) region.